March 29, 2017
Rathbun Insurance

Midwest Region- Best Agency to Work For: RATHBUN AGENCY Lansing Michigan

"This is not a job, it is a team.....Team Rathbun!"

A quick browse through Rathbun Agency’s website, , reveals the importance of the associates to the owners of this Lansing, MI agency. The team photo highlights each member’s contribution to the agency, and the agency directory is complete with individual photos.
Serving 4,200 clients in the mid-Michigan market, employees describe the independent insurance agency as compassionate and caring, where there is a sense of belonging. Employees are motivated to work for the collective good of the team as all receive financial benefit through a profit sharing program at year-end. Although the economic downturn has reduced these profits, the owners have subsidized the year-end bonus program by reducing their own profits to insure that the employees of Rathbun remain well-compensated.

Providing full financial transparency to all associates creates an awareness of expenses and revenues, and the direct impact of their collective hard work. Employees are keenly aware that during these financial times, the owners are acting responsibly and proactively to insure security for the agency.

Associates enjoy unusual perks including miscellaneous gift days that include flowers, fruit, sweet corn and the occasional lunch; cases of favorite beverages; snow free cars in the winter time and special bonuses.

Asked how the team environment is supported, owner John Keel responded quickly: “First of all, there are no employees here, only associates, and we treat them as our partners.” All associates are cross-trained to provide support to one another and strengthen the support for the clients. The team effort is promoted with group events, including trips to the baseball park, group shopping trips and occasional meals together.

Finally, there is literally an “open door” policy as Keel had the doors removed from the offices.

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