March 29, 2017
Rathbun Insurance

Insurance Claims Reporting

If you have a claim during regular business hours please contact our office at 517.482.1316. We employ agency claims personnel to help you with the claims process and pay claims out of our office for many of our carriers.

To further assist you, the following carriers have 24 hour direct claim reporting services available. Prior to calling, please have your policy number and claim details available for the claims adjuster. The insurance carrier will forward a copy of your claim report to our office. Also, if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miscellaneous - ameripro

It is your choice to use the contractor you feel most comfortable with. Many of our customers have used the services of Ameri Pro Restoration and found them to be very responsive and willing and able to do quality work. Ameri Pro does water damage, fire damage and wind damage restoration as well as mold remediation work. Ameri Pro can be reached at 517.374.3566 or toll free at 888.222.1245

Water Damage Do's and Don'ts

  • Wear rubber boots.
  • Walk SLOW...Floors are SLIPPERY.
  • Turn off electricity to wet areas if it is safe to do so.
  • Furniture will stain carpets. Remove small furniture and dry with towels. Put 4 layers of tin foil under legs of larger furniture. Pin up skirting around furniture.
  • Remove small itens, plants, etc.
  • With thick coat hangers hang long curtains off of floor so dye does not transfer.
  • Do NOT use your vacuum.
  • Do NOT use wet wall, ceiling lights, fans.
  • Do NOT place newspapers on carpets.
  • Do NOT run furnace or air conditioning until checked by professional.
  • Do NOT handle items with sewage.

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America

Click Here to Report a Claim Online

(888) 592-4368


Click Here to Report a Claim Online

(800) 242-7666

Auto-Owners Insurance

(888) 252-4626 After Hours Claims

(800) 264-4143 Glass Claims

Citizens Insurance

Click Here to Report a Claim Online

To report a personal auto or property claim, call our 24-hour hotline:
800.628.0250 or you can report online.

Foremost Insurance Group


Auto : 800-274-7865
Home: 800-527-3907

Hagerty Insurance

(800) 922-4050

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

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(800) 442-8277

Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company

(877) 858-5361 Regular Claims

(877) 858-5361 Glass Claims

Progressive Insurance

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(800) 925-2886

State Auto Insurance Companies

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(800) 766-1853

Titan Auto Insurance

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(800) 347-7930


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(800) 987-3373